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7 Best Food For Protein To Add To Your Diet

The way vitamins are very important for the body, in the same way, it is necessary to include protein-rich foods in the daily diet. The body needs these nutrients to avoid many diseases. If you want to take a balanced diet, then include protein along with other nutrients in it. Protein helps in keeping hair, skin, and every part of the body healthy. So, in this article let’s know about the 7 best food for Protein to add to your diet.

Effects of a Protein Meal on Health:

Protein is like building blocks for the body, that is, the whole body is made of it. From hair to eyes, muscles, skin, hormones, cells, all these are forms of protein. Along with repairing cells, it also helps in building cells. Every day our body breaks down protein little by little. Protein is very essential for the body and everyone must include it in food every day. If you do not include protein in the diet, then the body starts becoming weak in old age. If you are eating less protein, it means that your diet includes more carbs and fat. All these things can lead to weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Also, eating less protein also weakens immunity, because the immune system is also made up of protein only. In such a situation, problems like infection, cold, and cough occur very easily. If the body is strong, then it can be cured quickly, but if the immunity is weak, then it takes time to recover immediately from them.

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7 Best Food For Protein:

It is very important to include protein in the diet every day. While including it in the food, also keep in mind that do not eat a lot of protein at one time. You should include a small amount of protein-rich things in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This makes it easy for not only you but also for your body to use protein. 

Here we will know about 7 such protein-rich foods which are the best sources of protein. Before knowing the names of these foods, let us tell you that protein is a very essential and important substance for the human body. Protein repairs worn-out tissues and supports growth in infants and children.


Milk is a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and protein that is easily digestible. Milk also promotes muscle tissue repair and enhances protein synthesis in the body. For example, 100 g of 1% fat cow’s milk contains about 3.2 g of protein. In milk 2.5% fat – 2.8 g. In goat milk – 3.1 g of protein.

The main protein in milk is casein, which contains the amino acid methionine. This, in turn, is beneficial for maintaining a healthy liver and kidneys. By consuming such milk, we can easily fulfill the deficiency of protein and make ourselves healthy. This is one of the best food for Protein.


If you always consume fish, then you will not be deficient in protein because each species of fish has a lot of protein. For the best source of protein, you can consume fish. There are many species of fish in which there is such a quantity of protein that you can also call them the powerhouse of protein.

76.1 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of dried ribbon fish. There are many species of such fish in which protein is found in abundance. By eating fish, we can easily fulfill the amount of protein inside the body.


Protein is also found in plenty inside the chicken. In India, omnivorous people consume chicken in large quantities. Because it is a great dish at a moderate price. If we keep consuming chicken then there will be no shortage of protein in us and we will also be healthy.  26.9 grams of protein is found in 100 grams of chicken meat or chicken, which is very beneficial in terms of health. This is one of the best food for Protein.


Eggs are also considered a good source of protein. Apart from protein, many different types of vitamins and minerals are found in it, which are very useful for the body. If we talk about protein in eggs, then protein is available in abundance in it.

By eating 100 grams of chicken eggs, we get 13.3 grams of protein. If we eat 100 grams of duck egg, we will get 13.5 grams of protein for our body.

Nuts And Seeds:

To increase the protein in the body, you can eat nuts in breakfast because there is some amount of protein present in it too, you can add nuts, almonds, and cashews in breakfast, which will be beneficial for you to a great extent. This is one of the best food for Protein.

extremely nutritious product. They are not only rich in protein and dietary fiber, but also serve as an excellent source of minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc), antioxidants (selenium and vitamin E), vitamins (especially B2 and B9), and have long been used in alternative medicine for the prevention of heart disease. vascular pathology and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system.


Studies have found that chickpeas can be a good source of protein. Both white and black grams provide an adequate amount of protein. This source of plant-based protein is known to improve heart health, control blood cholesterol levels, and is also beneficial for diabetic patients. Many other types of nutrients can also be obtained by including gram in the diet. This is one of the best food for Protein.


Staying healthy is also not that easy, just as a proper lifestyle and diet are needed to keep the body away from diseases. In the same way, it is very important to have the right diet and lifestyle to keep the body healthy. Whatever we eat has a good or bad effect directly on our body. Some people are not able to pay attention to these things and due to not getting the right diet, their body starts getting weak. It is very important to have a protein diet to maintain health and it is not necessary for a protein diet that you have to take protein powder. You can provide enough protein to the body by including some foods in a simple diet at home.