Will there is much that you have heard the word CFD. Recently is because they become popular to be a significant investment in Japan. Anyway it is why savings have been said to ethnic and Japanese love, but it looks like now is a variety of investment is recognized in general. One of them is the CFD.


This is an abbreviation of Contracts For Difference, speaking in Japanese, is called a contract for difference. Will deal would settle only the portion of the profit or loss at the time of buying and selling and would be difficult but short contract for difference to understand only words easily.


actual delivery of the goods, because not to do business receives the benefits you get an earnings minute only, you will pay only loss If you find the loss in reverse.

not a be an exaggeration to say whether there is any stocks actual exchange of goods is not the result you and CFD is whether to any transaction, and if you and will say clearly say anything, and is. Various stock index or individual stock stocks around the world, of course, gold and crude oil, wheat, also goods such as soybean That's right. Several thousand if a global trader, it may be able to select from a stock of more than ten thousand. There is also a place where not only dealing with a few stocks to reverse. FX is the trading of the only currency that is traded internationally, but CFD will say that there is overwhelming many basic choices. More than half of the financial market is the CFD in the UK. Financial instruments of the form as it is traded around the world so much, we deal. How itself is very similar to the FX of fashion now, over leverage (magnification of credit transactions), it will be a transaction to see the spread. I would say that is also similar to where you can enter from the sale.

is characterized as a trading Abundance of stocks as a feature, there is a leverage and spreads. Leverage and is that of a credit transaction is for example the self-financing can deal up to 15 million yen if the leverage is 3 times as long as 500 million. The spread is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. This difference of skill in the art have basically profitable. But be careful because there are some places, such as taking a separate transaction fee. There is a spread you, but, for example, individual stock issues, Subureddo Once you have been there Subureddo is 1200-1205, and will be 5 yen. You'll notice if you look at the various ways CFD skilled in the art, the CFD trader of spread there are differences in each skilled in the art. Skilled in the art to its own set, you have to adjust. Since the adjustment amount is in their interests come out finely difference is, it is not supposed to be that. Everywhere let's note that if the CFD skilled in the art transaction costs the same, does not mean that.