How to choose the securities account to use for stock investment

Where to make the securities account, it is better that had been familiar with that. It says to be a point where the difference is chosen. First of all will still be a great place fees. By the way securities firms from where're profitable, and you and actually will commission said.


is such a matter of course, you might think that, but is that this is a surprisingly important, you old days fee was a time there was a uniform. So, there is no great difference up there trying to use anywhere, it had also era. However, completely commission now has been different. It is because he is liberalization, has become quite cheap now.


not an exaggeration to say that was just become dramatically cheaper, in fact, is already the highest level in the world level. So, if you look at Japan from the commission form it is say to be in a terrible stock investment-friendly environment.

About Rates form it is to different places fine in addition to cheap Even so, it is also true that will be different securities company to choose by their own investment style. For example, descriptive of is the buying and selling price. How much, if at 100,000 yen or less, as long as 300,000 yen or more, is the First basic to determine the fee by the amount of money such as that if 500,000 yen or more,. Of course, it also increases as the high amount of money commission I mean there are differences among them. You are also strong at the low amount of money, a high amount of the fees are relatively inexpensive, but also there's a place called. Amount of money that can be an investment by the people is different from is certainly. To match it will be said to be able to recommend it is you choose a securities company.

Internet banks and securities firms Is can basically recommend it is a securities company that net bank is an intermediary. Because Net Bank is the banking over the Internet, it is a bank that does not have a store. For example, Sumitomo Trust and SBI Bank Toka Rakuten bank and so on. It does not mean that the same business entity exactly, but there is a securities company that regarding the same name. Because you have been to open even a bank account at the time of application, basically leave also open account of the Internet bank, you can recommend it you use.

is the tool brokerages for trading There is also a place where me to use their own tools. Technical analysis of information, news of real-time display, and the like can blanket order and can list the order conditions, the functionality is different. It is a tool to suppress the basic part, also you may want to screen operation use it if there is a thing that is easy for me. It does not mean not see that it is not separately open the account, what kind of tools are you publish, because it is possible to investigate at the site of the securities company. You may want to check and evaluation site.