Day trading and long-term holding advantages and disadvantages of stock

It is a period of time because day traders, it may have been touted. This refers to be completed in one day basically traded. Because there is a possibility that can be issued in the short term profits, it may extremely popular came out.


There is a deep-rooted popular even now, but because of became the starting point has become to be able to liberalization, transactions by the Internet of stock commissions. The first place because day trading is, in terms of being able to avoid a certain risk, we are better. That is the risk of carryover.


market is not end to 15 o'clock, but why is also economy is moving between them. So, there is a possibility that something material (such as news that there is an impact on the stock price) comes out, because while holding the stock was actually always there is a side, such as those at risk. Is to be avoided because day trading this point.

it is not in the long-term holding of benefits just because holdings of long-term stock whether there is only demerit, and even so speaking. Of course, precisely because many things there is an advantage, is that some people have an investment. First of all, you can get the dividend. Several times a year, has become the stock in Yo it is possible to get the the dividends and shareholders have at a particular time. First of all in the interests of long-term holding you will see here. Since good if a company This is put out fairly stable, it certainly can be expected. Or of course, dividends while they have long if growth companies that, comes out also benefit from the stock itself also go up. Of course, this income will be confirmed by the sell off. Dividends will you get it in cash but will be the income only unrealized gains due to changes in stock prices.

that you do not wavers between hope and fear Day trading success on the same day, failure, profit, loss will clearly. No not that bad it is carry-over just because apart from being a day trading, you may want to do with risk preparedness. Most are more likely to invest in more than self-financing in leveraged, the risk of that carried over is bad if not avoided really, is certainly the person is often called. Of long-term investment merit is now if the cash transaction is that there is a possibility that pick up even though the loss. In particular, often someday also lowering of the entire temporary market if the blue-chip companies return. Certainly five years depending on itself to I have a risk stocks that are held in long-term as a disadvantage, but there surprisingly many high places likely put out a profit of 10-year span. In any investment, you also are the advantages and disadvantages of any trading technique. Day is a trade-and long-term holding is not to deal with almost contradictory ideas, but from time to time, would be best if that change the way depending on the brand. Is that not the stick to trading technique.