Nikkei 225 futures? The difference of the spot and futures?

The Nikkei 225 futures, and short, becomes a kind of futures trading. Or it becomes I have a mini and large, but that is traded unit different, or bids and offers will be in a different thing itself the thing that the transaction will be the same. There is that


Nikkei average will be, but stock index futures trading that target this. Transaction unit price anyway high, 1000 times in the case of large is the lowest unit. In the case of mini it will be 100 times. Nikkei average and also that it is quite because there is a width I can not be that much unconditionally, but, for example, 20,000 yen if the minimum unit is large, is why the 20 million yen.


is why a very high transaction, but is only futures trading, has become to be able to deal many times by putting the margin. So, it does not becomes necessary amount of money to meet the intact unit. Words There is a little rough, but is speculative, I would say that sometimes all at once earn a possibility to come out transaction. Of course, there is also the reverse.

What is cash trading? What is recognized as being in the other end of the spectrum Speaking of futures would be cash trading. Because cash transactions, nothing not be considered difficult, says that in short are buying only its own funds. Leverage It is not over, as long as the stock it will be mine. Futures are actually things that may not be to trade itself, description is is that it is of but that on the numbers if you go a-kind items, meaning those words even is not bad, but accurate in that the exchange is It always has been. In the case of options trading Toka derivative transactions, or put a price of for the future of the value and future of the product, because you will be a deal, just because I look to the fiction that is actually used in a variety of risk aversion the is also a system.

futures and the actual thing Which s the good? From the perspective of risk towards the kind you can rest assured. Futures is because the really risky side is strong. However, futures trading will put out a profit even when it is expected that I heard fall in Nikkei 225 futures. Since in the case of cash will be entering from buy, go up stocks, it must be in the product. However, it should sell When you are expected to fall if the futures trading. Of course, you can also enter from buying If you think go up. Would when viewed from the direction of the transaction is more of futures can be in is flexible transaction. For example, Nikkei 225 futures will be the average forecast of Nikkei, because is like the Japanese economy as a whole of indicators, it is why should be selling if you Japanese economy falls. In spot trading it often also can not do anything when you are chilly the entire market.