Let us know the features of the FX

Now it is hard era going to raise the income in savings, although the investment involves risk, because there is also a chance to raise the large profits, there is no less better to challenge the investment. Stock intended famous in investment, foreign currency deposits, and mutual funds, but recently has also become popular FX. Since see may be a television CM and Internet advertising, even when I heard the name, I think in surprisingly large, who does not know well its features.


FX and is, and fix in Japanese refers to the foreign exchange margin trading. Foreign exchange trading is to trade different currencies such as the Japanese yen and the US dollar, the margin trading as collateral margin, refers to operate the amount of even the many times. It is available for a small margin, but is referred to as leverage to move a large amount of money, that there is a chance to raise a number of benefits even from a small charm of FX. You can


further also receive swap points in the interest rate differential of the two currencies, commission also has become fairly cheap compared to, such as foreign currency deposits. How to increase the profits of the FX is margins of buying and selling due to the exchange rate fluctuates, and two types of currency swap. Transactions can be carried out via the Internet, also there you can during the week to participate in the nearly 24-hour trading that there is a time difference.


home of that from the personal computer can participate in the trading of course, because it also supports mobile This is also a nice option for can participate in the transaction from such as going out if the use destination smartphone. Sell ??nor can enter from buying from, you have a chance to be profitable even in the case of the yen's depreciation in the yen. To start the FX is First you need to open an account, but skilled in the art to choose will be very important. Choosing the


reliable skilled in the art, of course, in the case of beginners is more peace of mind and should choose the skill in the art that can receive 24-hour support. Demo trade that can be used free of charge also because it is available, try to start until the actual transaction Ku if you may.


FX mechanism and charm And say financial instruments involved in the

asset management, there is a FX to other things, such as stocks and futures. FX and stands for foreign exchange margin trading (ForeigneXchangemargintrading). The money to buy and sell in the money along the exchange rate to fluctuate In brief, is what to Serve the profits. For example, in advance to buy $ 1 out of 100 yen at the time of $ 1 = 100 yen, 105 yen if you buy the yen for $ 1 at $ 1 = 105 yen will come back to the hand. We will increase the hand of assets doing this.


FX's often cited as a feature of is that you can trade over the high leverage. Is unlikely that become waste paper in the overnight thing called currency. It lowered the larger value, as was one $ 100 yen to say became 95 yen, would often requires only the extent that. Only it decreased 5% also have in if the whole dollar. Using this characteristic, deposit the funds as margin, it was to allow the currency buying and selling of even the many times.


This is called the magnification and leverage. For example, the margin available 100 yen, you have bought the dollar over 10 times the leverage. Order to buy 10 times the own funds, you can buy 10 US dollars if the previous example. If this drops to $ 1 = 95 yen, it will be 950 yen to repurchase. Of 50 yen loss is within the range, which is filled with margin. This is to say to the contrary, is that put out a lot of profit even with a small self-financing.
There is a thing called credit transactions in the mechanism that is similar in
stock, but there is because it is leverage of 3 times at the maximum, FX has mainly popular with the little people of the capital. As other features, a good point is can participate at any time the market because it has a deal in the whole world.
stock can not be such as sell in NY stock market as soon as the strain that was purchased in Tokyo but, FX is such a place is made of flexible, at any time during the order transaction is available day Immobile's a popular with office workers. In addition, shares have poor trading by brand, but sometimes does not attach easily buyer to dispose of trying, FX can be first settlement when that sort of thing is not for you like at any time. Trend of


high-risk, high-return is strong, but will say that taken together it is a financial product that is attractive as well.