Asset management in FX

FX is in now is a financial instrument that many people have a deal. Why do many people have come to a deal, let's consider the reasons. FX and is the transaction to exchange and foreign currency and the yen, such as dollar and the euro. Since the buying and selling currency in the foreign, it is said to foreign exchange margin trading.


because of exchange, by the ratio of the exchange of currency, because margin is that of funds deposit to the securities company at the time of the transaction. FX will be considered are several reasons that will become a popular financial instruments. First of all, there is a thing such as a long trading hours. What, because it is possible to almost 24 hours trading, it would be nice to say that can be sufficiently deal for those who are one and the housewife of company employees.


their own things, such as it is traded on favorite time of day, is a big attraction because in particular it is traded in real-time while considering the information to the night when the important overseas information is to enter actively in FX trading it will be considered to become. This means that you can see how long think and FX trading hours that the market such as the stock is not only open during the day.


And it is also a big attraction that such leverage is applied. Says that it is trading margin more than the amount of that leverage. If the transaction of 200,000 yen in margin 100,000 yen leverage is two-fold. For this reason, there are things like it is a good investment of capital efficiency. And it is also a big attraction to get the point that using the interest rate differential of the currency, which is said to swap.


also believed that many investors eyeing this swap is an investment. Japan will be able to get because it is ultra-low interest rates, a significant currency swap and buy the currency of higher interest rates such as those referred to as the high interest rate currency. Of course, although there is a risk of changes in value of the currency, from high in the currency of the interest rate but some get a few percent swap point of the year, a big attraction for those who are thinking of people and diversified investment we are considering a long-term investment It has become a It would be good to say that.


There is a FX to investment of investment of beginners

beginners investment for beginners of. The reason of choice for beginners, the mechanism can easily be started from small funds, I have a feature that can invest in low-risk, people are no less do not know what kind of things or content specifically. So let's briefly an overview of the FX.


FX and is the abbreviation of "marginForeigneXchangetrading", and in Japanese translation will mean that "foreign exchange margin trading". The term exchange rate will have ever heard. In economic news "Today's exchange rate ..." it has been broadcast and it is a mechanism to issue a profit by buying and selling the currency of the foreign based on the fluctuation of the exchange rate.


For example, exchange rate, you can exchange the $ 1,000 to buy the dollar at 10 yen at the time of $ 1 = 100 yen. You can then exchange to 110,000 yen to buy yen at $ 1,000 when the exchange rate has become $ 1 = 110 yen fluctuates. Then, profit of 10,000 yen came out from when I bought the dollar at 10 yen at the beginning. This is the mechanism of FX. Since


However becomes 90,000 yen to buy yen at $ 1,000 at the time of $ 1 = 90 yen it will result in a 10,000 yen loss. Exchange rate so you change 24 hours, must be careful because there is a possibility that loss gold as the difference of the exchange will come out. The above is a simple to make money in the yen-yen mechanism but, FX is also possible to make money in the interest rate of foreign currency.


For example, the interest rate in Japan is 1.0%, and keep possession in the US dollar than keep holding the funds in Japanese yen when the interest rate of US dollar has become a 5.0% 5. 0% interest rate is profitable for get. It referred to as the "currency swap" a mechanism to make money in this interest rate differential. In addition, as a feature of the FX to the very first, but to be started from small funds we were told that it features, is that to enable it "leverage". This is a mechanism that can be up to 25 times the big deal of the funds, even with a small investment if the investment of leverage Yes, you can produce a big profit.