The benefits of doing the screening before buy stock

There is a tool for screening. The first place will be something, that it is a screening, but this means that the sieving the stock symbols. The first place because listed companies is there more than 3500 companies.


one by one from among them, will find a place where their petition visually that it takes enormous time. There will also be missed. If the condition is clearly narrowed down by using a computer, it decided to good to be the screening.


called the screening to be of the order of the tool. Most securities companies offers as a tool. There is also a place of paid but would most is a place that is to be made available free of charge. This was well utilized, has been and is possible to determine the stocks that the investment, which is one of the tips of success.

or narrow down any conditions is natural, but it will narrow down from the data. That is, it is not is a basic go with the conditions from the fact that you are clear as a numerical value. For example, in spite of the results, if you want to undervalued stocks, First you put the sales growth rate of ~% or more Toka profit growth rate of ~% or more Toka conditions. On top of that PER (price-earnings ratio) it would be a good wear and less to fold. It is a specific numerical value for each of the in ~ but in fact will be the point should be variously considered. For example, it is the industry, whether it can be said that the good from what extent by the type of industry, because will be different is that. Also leave thinking in light of a point per the and will be able to further narrow efficient. The other to be in the part, which is an indicator you may think from PBR (price-to-book ratio). This can determine the status of net assets and the stock of the company. Is the same as the PER, you can know the undervalued properties. However, here is the cheaper of the stock from net assets. It is First of all you can recommend to narrow from such indicators and specific sales rate.

as a numerical approach Screening is not room for data that can not be seen in such an eye Toka Toka expected market flow is interposed. It will be able to purely based on the numerical value investment. It says on the contrary I can say that it can only be no. But is is a high good possibility better based on the numbers than to invest in intuition. In addition, we have many things the item to be attached a condition in the screening, but is why the selection is also required, it will change what to do by investment style. By the way opposite to What is fact is that for investments in medium- and long-term. You will find that stocks are facing a medium- to long-term investment if the emphasis on investment indicators such as PBR and ROE (return on equity). The short-term trade also is another tool has been facing. Better of the previous trend than the historical experience, if day trading and the like because it is important.