Shares how to get started, the flow of up to begin

Recently, people who are interested in equity investment has been increasing. The first place is from the time when the Internet trading has become popular, the explosion in the number of accounts went more and more as being able to feel free. In


now it has become the larger the better of the net account than over-the-counter account. Immediately, interested, if the wanted to equity investments First, a securities company Let's make an account. Only through securities companies, shares of listed companies is because Dekiru can deal. Over-the-counter account is also there for you can recommend towards the net account is basically now is you. You can use the


variety of tools, the first place is because there is no need or inquiry to the over-the-counter because it can give an indication of the transaction on your own. You will need the ID card, there is a lot of conditions in the case of minors. It let's ready because at least the parent's consent will be required.


the way to it is not to lose the rest if the cash transaction, since there is no regulation on the revenue you can basically make. Account opening itself is case to take time, it's not that difficult.

for the required tool First of all, you will because I mean to the net transaction requires a personal computer and internet access. The transaction in the smartphone, you may want it be as long as that. As long as you do not buy extremely well in the old PC now it is better that had been in those high is not a problem, but processing capacity. Also, let's fast things as much as possible net line. Since's the world like there is a price movements in less than one second, such as risks associated with the lag of the PC should be eliminated. There is also important to keep with the educated guess on the stocks that you want to actually deal, but is to provide a tool for the First transaction before that. Without omission, it is to be useful also in the transaction by preparing a good thing.

If the account was able Emergency, when the account was able to next will be put funds on how to, and referred to as the specified account. If you such as securities companies net bank is doing and has its bank account immediately from there, it may be able to receipt of money, that it. If this is not the case, please put on this account, and the payment in there because there is a number called. How can I be reflected, is there a depending securities company because it is quite early that certainly. Then, after only buy actually want stock. There is a way that can also be entered from the sale, but First of all be from cash transactions can be recommended. The summary will and flow, application to open an account, deposit after opening an account, to buy thinking you want stock symbol, will be called. Normal operation if there is an ability that can Internet also will not be difficult.