High it is FX biggest advantage is safety

I think what's it to focus on doing the investment? Inexpensiveness of the commission, what height of convenience? Of course it is important, but the maximum point of the I think that it is safety. If you can not safely traded, it becomes higher by that amount risk, more likely to be a major setback with the loss. Since FX in investment method has the advantage that the high level of safety, it is recommended for those who want to invest.
is the currency of
are dealing in FX. Value of the currency becomes 0 yen, since it is difficult is considered that, not made exactly the meaning it is no longer worth as other investment law, you will be able to avoid a situation where. That's the currency of the big country (country of force), its safety is increased further. And the other one of the benefits, the contract rate is the height.


environment that he can buy and sell immediately when you order, I think in a very important point in the scene to carry out a transaction? It is also contractual rate for each trader There is a slight difference, but still in the investment method would say that it is outstanding commitments rate. Because the buying and selling on the spot established in the transaction, you may Some people feel that the biggest benefit just maybe.


about it, is important because contract rates. Especially for those who do the day trading, because you will be the height of this contract rate is the left and right the very transaction, it is a good idea to idea as the largest emphasis on point in terms of choosing a skilled in the art. If you leave to choose a skilled in the art that the time lag does not occur, it will enable more secure transactions. And there are still benefits.


it that it can also be started with a small amount of money, even such little housewife with no students and free-to-use money money, we can start the transaction, regardless of the position. And even in the small amount of money, there is the possibility of obtaining a large amount of money, because there is a merit that, FX will the very popular. Even chose the major currencies, it is possible to buy and sell with a small amount of money, small, the principal Ku you need to. Typical benefits of


FX Benefits

FX is a big difference with other investments, it is to be able to use the leverage. Leverage and Hate in this thing, Te as of this principle, that leave less margin, you can make a big trade. Entrust the margin to skilled in the art, from the fact that a big trade, is it called foreign exchange margin trading.


Currently, in Japan, even in private, you can use the leverage of up to 25 times. Since the maximum is 25 times, if you can also be the operation of the foreign currency savings par at 1 times leverage, it is the FX that it is also possible to seek a big return at 25 times the leverage. Of course, by obtaining a large return, also it comes with a big risk with it. If


profit 25 times, because the loss also becomes 25 times. But, in the case of FX, because there is a thing called loss cut, as long as not a rapid change in the exchange, it does not become completely fund zero. On the contrary, by consider is, by increasing the leverage, you can leave the funds.


it, because it has decided margin requirements, by increasing the position to increase the leverage, because the necessary margin also automatically increase. Loss cut is done when the effective funds has become less than the required margin. In other words, leverage is if the loss is much lower, but the phenomenon occurs that the loss the higher the leverage is reduced.


Of course, this means the case was allowed to stand until the loss cut, when Sonsetsu before being loss cut'll be different. And, also it can be traded 24 hours a day, would be nice to say that big advantage. In the case of stock trading and futures trading, because if you quit in from 9 am to 3 pm, ordinary office worker and I it is difficult to participate in OL.


that point, the case of the foreign exchange market is a global market, until Friday closed from Monday, to the transaction at any time Rukoto you can. As a result, you would be traded at any time also busy people.