Nikkei and the average? Nikkei 225?

Stock if the transaction is're watching the news in its own way and would people have never made a Nikkei term average would have heard. You might also have people to remember to go further Nikkei per 225 from there.


This is the most basic measure in the Japanese stock market, it can be said that the data also say the biggest thing. It says that is a term that you need to understand first the meaning If you are going to invest. That is the Nikkei Stock Average.


What the average of which is the average, the word is not being used as a matter of course, but the average is also the same as that Nikkei. In short, by adding the stock prices, it will mean divided by the number of companies, that it. But the Nikkei by adding the things average apart from all of the, you do not have a division. Here Nikkei dated figure of 225 words will be come involved. In other words, the Nikkei attendance is of such that the average share price of 225 stocks selected from the stocks of the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing. It is not at all, and probably will, but I think it has become a method that is also used in separately How to put out this data is not only in Japan, the United States stock market. Stocks that are doing their transaction would be there are more of the people that are not in the 225 stocks. After all, we have a brand that a total of more than 3500 companies. 225 companies especially influence has been strong from among them is why has issued an average value been picked up. By the way, it sometimes its 225 companies is excluded, the minute, there is also to be added that. Since the prosperity of the enterprise is no eternity, it is why there is also such as large companies continue to decline. In short, the replacement is not surprisingly there.

what kind of brand is chosen It has been selected from the group consisting of industries in various fields because it is companies such as to be truly index. Food, textile, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, petroleum, rubber, ceramic, iron and steel industry, non-metallic, metal products, machinery, electrical equipment, shipbuilding, automobiles and auto parts, precision machinery, other manufacturing, fisheries, mining, construction, trading, retail, banking, securities, insurance, other financial, real estate, railway, bus, land transportation, shipping, sky luck, information and communication, has become power, gas, and services. For example, although such as mining is one company, electrical equipment has become in 29 companies (increase or decrease will). Equally does not mean being distributed to every type of industry, it has been decided in view well as influence of the Japanese economy. By the way, the other one, there is an important indicator, it is the TOPIX. This is the numerical value obtained by dividing the sum of all of the market capitalization of the listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange stocks in all stocks. Nikkei does not carefully selected stocks such as 225, is said to feature a place called all. Each, Try to make sure first of all at the time of the investment from will be very important data.