Nikkei 225 mini and large?

Nikkei 225 futures trading is one of the derivatives transactions that are listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange and the like. TOPIX futures trading, perhaps the typical derivative transactions for trading in stock index in the same way as the Nikkei 225 options trading.


Then, there is that mini is in Nikkei 225 futures trading. Because it means that with the mini may be used as they are small transactions. We can deal with the usual one-tenth. Since


normal Nikkei 225 futures trading unit Even so is the Nikkei average 1000 times that of, for example, in the case 15,000 yen average of Nikkei, if usually is a place of 15 million yen, 1.5 million yen if mini transaction is possible, it will be called. In order to facilitate the futures trading is a service that was started by saying. Not


I always had gotten really become a transaction of higher professional preferences minimum unit, which in the individual investors of small and medium-sized, of course, further dealings Generally investors Torikomere has been executed is considered to be a thriving is. The first place would be true that there is no familiar for those who have the stock trading at the individual too much futures trading itself. Just because the risk is increased.


The good thing about futures trading you must also think about risk, but to the point that it is more of the transaction Dismissal. Clogging is not a credit transaction. Although 1.5 million yen in the previous examples were referred to as the lowest unit even this salarymen sideline, there will be quite tight things as investments are doing as operational. Units can challenge the Nikkei 225 futures in one of the 10 minutes I would say a good point. Is a relatively new derivatives trading, is not high visibility up there.

of mini and large the difference is? Nikkei There is also because 225 large, but this is a word of respect to the mini, is a short way to the transaction in the normal unit. Because there is a mini it was clearly wearing a large. So, large it will be 1000 times the normal of the Nikkei average. This is rather, is why was normal until now. But, with a large and a name for the sake of clarity, it is than are distinguished, people who truly 1000 times is very let the mini.

Other Characteristics Nikkei 225 mini features is the trading unit is not only one of the 10 minutes. First of all, is of course, margin may also be one-tenth. The fewer funds would be to say that one of the benefits. Another essential thing is the unit of the bid is half that. Quotes and is the increment of the price. Nikkei 225 futures trading, that is, 10 yen unit of the quote in the large. However, the unit of the quote in the mini is 5 yen. Place orders at 5 yen Simply put, will be called.