Nikkei 225 of the system trade? What benefit is there for

Nikkei has been able to use even the system trade-in 225 futures. Because the system trade is a thing which is also referred to as automatic trading, briefly speaking in advance in advance to determine the rules, mechanical indication of the order, it is possible to the process.


Nikkei 225 such a system in trading of futures, software, people who are using the tool will have many. First of all futures because the transaction is not known emergency the old days, because now responsiveness has been required. That is, or sold immediately by the numbers, it has become important to or buy. I called discretion transactions that do it yourself, but this also is not bad.


of all can be judged according to its sometimes will say that merit. However, from being solidified moment when you go up and down rapidly it is what human beings. Do not go back to, no one better is good that was closing out, we will go after more and more time while you are thinking and the like.


So, is that the futures trading in advance so as to deal with forced automatic at a certain rule is no doubt that it can be said that there is a merit. But, is not the only benefit.

there as a disadvantage to the trade-in flexibility consistent rules, because you say liver original system trade. But, by that amount, and the other can not act, there is a demerit. In some cases, such as indeed it is not possible to anticipate global incidents there is also that it is not helpless anymore to, in the first place it would be difficult even at the discretion transaction. But, it will still flexible it can be said that the severe point is not possible to correspond.

Why choose the Nikkei 225 futures It system trade itself has been used in a variety of financial transactions, is not a story that was only in separately Nikkei 225 futures. Including FX, to have been used as a matter of course in a variety of futures trading, it says that popular trading technique is now. Problems or to use in any transaction, is that. Why, I do choose the Nikkei 225 futures but because the easy-to-understand Speaking without fear of misleading. Investment destination, that is, many choices there are many stocks, you might want to be able to very flexible you will often get lost in reverse. However, if the Nikkei 225 futures trading, things to see is only the Nikkei Stock Average. That is, you can focus on one of the brand. Information collection and analysis also requires only a single brand, it will be called. So it is released from the labor of stocks to choose to suffer is only a lot of investors to say that the system trade. That amount, you can concentrate on investment timing. Because to say that the system trade rules of automated trading is not make your own, information collection is relatively easy, because you will point really grateful. That's why, is why there is a value to select a system trading in Nikkei 225 futures.