The overnight interest rate of CFD is

The FX has a better yield benefit of swap interest rates. This is the way that utilizes the interest rate differential of each currency, but there is more to obtain benefits, such as really similar to the transaction referred to as CFD, such as similar to the FX.


is the difference to be precise, but is certainly be similar. It will be over interest rates. In the case of the Japanese yen, swap interest rate of the FX is obtained by the long (buy). That is, it leads to profits in the swap be put from buying because Japan is because too low interest rates and at the most there is an interest rate differentials.


however, it will be substantial, and the loss if move the exchange more than that. That aside, it is over interest rate of CFD, this is also referred to as funding costs and funding cost. Overnight interest rate of the CFD is important country of the policy interest rate of the goods that are traded. In addition, you will be joining there is also interest rates CFD trader has set.


Basic short (sell) interest rate from FX but is not obtained a swap from Long currency of high interest rates, the overnight interest rate in the case of CFD trading, the basic selling only in the position it will occur. Ltd., is applied to the stocks of such products, rate applied by the country of the policy interest rate of stocks was carried out sales transactions will have been different. Overnight interest rate of CFD trading when the short selling, looks like it is possible to obtain the amount obtained by subtracting the interest rate to the provisions of the country of the policy interest rate and CFD skilled in the art. If you do so the case from the sale is at an extremely low interest rates, the interest rate is taken, it will be called. This point is where it is difficult, it says that attention point when aiming at the overnight interest rate of CFD.

overnight and someday It is natural, but do far to say that overnight that is beyond the night, you'll be is to question that. This is fixed and chitin, as a condition for the overnight rate occurs, is a morning 6 o'clock Japan time, in the October to March has become a time straddling the 7 am. By the way, the case of overnight by strain stocks, when straddling the day on which dividend is confirmed, it will be also processed on dividends. If the selling payment, you can receive if you bought it. In addition, the overnight rate is not necessarily exist in all of the CFD, because it may not take such as futures it let's check. In fact, it is hard to say that the resulting sides of the profits that can be recommended to there. Many better things scared more of the risk, Arisushi as a transaction, Some people are actually profitable but strongly can be said to a way that is not discouraged.